Our Drive


Life should be sensual.

Grit+Grain's work is centered on stimulating tactile engagement with objects in an effort to foster intimacy and awareness of yourself and the world that you live within. These objects, with their weight, texture, and materiality, can give us a greater appreciation of our physicality, our fragility, and our space in a larger context. It is an attempt for a greater grasp of that relationship and exchange between the internal and external.

Grit+Grain's design process focuses on the bringing together of diverse and luscious materials like stone, wood and ceramic to encourage touch and close investigation. We call attention to the details, the moments of suspect materiality, and a blend of high style, the sensual, and the slightly strange. These are the things that lead to tiny acts of noticing and make room for the ephemeral exchange between the world and us.

Founder of Grit+Grain, Taylor Kibby, is currently pursuing an MFA in Applied Craft + Design in a joint program between Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft. She lives and works in Portland, OR.